After 65 years, a fallen marine is finally home.

Sergeant John McLaughlin was killed in 1950, in the Korean war.
But for the past six decades, he's been buried in Hawaii, as an unknown.

WICU & WSEE traveled to Pittsburgh Friday for the emotional and patriotic homecoming, one that family members have waited a very long time for.

Friday morning, Sgt. John McLaughlin arrived at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Escorted home by a Marine First Sergeant based out of Erie, Sgt. McLaughlin's remains were brought out a plane in a flag-draped casket.

Sgt. McLaughlin was killed in action during the Korean war.

But his remains were buried at the National Memorial Cemetery in Hawaii since 1954, as an unknown.

However, a few years ago, scientists exhumed the remains and through new technology, using x-rays and dental records, they were able to positively identify him.

You may remember, we first brought you this story back in April.

Agnes DeFilippo of Canadohta Lake is Sgt. McLaughlin's only surviving sister, he was the youngest of 10.
His niece, Lisa DeFilippo lives in Erie county.

Hattie Johnson, head of the Marine Corps' POW/MIA section out of Quantico, Virginia, traveled to Crawford county, to tell the family that they're finally bringing their loved one home.

Which leads us to Friday, a day full of emotion.

Many of his nieces and nephews awaited anxiously, as his casket arrived in the airport hangar, "This is just a bitter sweet moment. I'm proud to be here," said Weimer, Sgt. McLaughlin's niece. "He's our hero, he's our family's hero, he's a United States hero," Weimer added.

"It's closure, it's happiness, it's overwhelming it's joyful and it's sad all at the same time," said Winnie Stegena, also Sgt. McLaughlin's niece.

Sgt. Mclaughlin's remains were taken from the airport to the funeral home.

He'll be buried with full military honors on Saturday in Pittsburgh.
Tune in to Weekends Now, we'll bring you that story Saturday evening.