Ohio could be the next state to legalize marijuana.

Last week, elected leaders in Ohio approved a bid that will place recreational and medical marijuana legalization on the November ballot.

As it stands right now, a total of four states--Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon-- allow the recreational sale of marijuana.  A total of 23 states allow medicinal sales.  If approved, Ohio would be the fifth state to allow both.

In response to the announcement, the group Responsible Ohio launched a bus tour in support of legalization.  The group says marijuana legalization will create $550 million in tax revenue by 2020.

Meantime, the group No on 3 formed today, which will campaign against marijuana legalization.

So should marijuana be legal in Ohio?  We stopped by Conneaut, Ohio and posed that question.

“Yes,” said Gail Arp of Conneaut, Ohio.  “As long as it's taxed and for medicinal purposes only, I believe it should be legal."

"It's always good revenue as they say, so it will bring good revenue,” said Ronald Mainor of Cleveland, Ohio.  “Also, it might cut down on crime.  So, I feel it should be legal."

“My mother in law died eight years ago and if she would have had it, it would have helped her days been a lot nicer,” said Shirley J. Headley of Conneaut, Ohio.  “So I do believe in it and I believe in it with all my heart.”

Ohio residents can vote on this issue on November 3.