If you are still looking for a way to "give back to others" this holiday season, here's one gift that won't cost you anything, and it can help save up to three lives. This morning, our eva mastromatteo has more on how donating blood, this month, can also have you helping local, first responders. Every year during the holiday season, blood donations go down. Those at the Community Blood Bank in Erie, say, it's, in part, because people are busy and often forget. this month --there's a push to get the blood supply "up," in our area --and its mixed with a friendly competition. The "Holiday Hero's" blood donation contest, starts this coming Monday, December 14 and goes to January 9. The Community Blood Bank hopes that you can carve out some time for it, in your schedule. This contest is returning for a second year. It's a friendly competition that has local police, fire and EMS responders pitted against each other to get the most donors to the blood bank. CBB Communications Manager Nicole Hornaman says, "Your actual donation process is getting in the chair and donating that life-saving pint. it only takes 5 to 8 minutes on average."

That "life-saving" pint can help save three lives at a local hospital. No appointments are necessary to donate at the blood bank, but for this "Holiday Hero's" contest, all you need to do is indicate what agency you want your donation going towards...police, fire...etc ...when you give blood. The blood bank is open six days a week. and the Erie Fire Department is hosting the first day of the donation push, starting Monday at 8:30am. They are the winners, from the inaugural year of the event, in 2014. ###