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Meadville Medical Center Unveils "One Vernon Place"

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What started as a vision in 2008, is now a reality.  Meadville Medical Center unveiled One Vernon Place. 

The $30 million facility started to open in phases since late January, but with finishing touches, it’s now ready for the community to take a look.

President and CEO of Meadville Medical Center, Philip Pandolph, says, “It’s really a commitment to our mission and the future of our health care community.  It’s focused on wellness and prevention.  And really intended to lay the foundation for the future of health care in decades to come in Crawford County.”

Located behind a shopping plaza west of Meadville, the goal is to have multiple services under one roof.  The outpatient therapy side offers quiet cognitive therapy, as well as, traditional therapy.

Vice President of Rehab and Outpatient Services at Meadville Medical Center, Anne White, says, “Truly, we focused on the patient experience, when we designed this new building.  We were focusing on ease of access for outpatient services.”

Along with outpatient therapy, the facility offer radiology, work force health, and an orthopedic practice.  One Vernon place is home to the Vernon YMCA. Linking outpatient therapy and orthopedics, the YMCA is offering a free month of membership to discharged patients to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Anne says, “People need to stay active in order to maintain their health and well-being… And that then helps them feel sort of comfortable coming to that setting, so we’re hoping that we’re changing lifestyles.”

The YMCA expanded their family services by residing in this new location, and Philip Pandolph hopes to expand overall services at One Vernon Place, in the future. 

For a chance to take a look at the new facility, there will be a public open house Saturday, March 5th, with tours starting at 2 p.m.

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