Some local nursing home workers are celebrating tonight, after winning their "fight for $15."

On Thursday evening, employees of the Golden LivingCenters throughout the area rallied outside of Erie City Hall.

For months, the workers have been pushing for a $15.00 dollar minimum wage. 

Tonia Bartholomew—an employee at Golden LivingCenter-Walnut Creek – tells Erie News Now that after negotiating with the company that owns 28 Golden LivingCenters across Pennsylvania,  the employees and company have reached an agreement.

According to Bartholomew, the company boosted their minimum wage to $15.00 dollars an hour.

We work hard,” said Bartholomew.  “We work long hours.  We do a lot of overtime.  We take care of your families...I love what I do.  It's nice to be rewarded for what you do too."