As the Erie School Board prepares to vote on a proposed budget, the possible closures of all four Erie high schools are raising a lot of concern.

Erie School District Superintendent Dr. Jay Badams is asking the school board to consider closing all four Erie high schools in 2017-18.

Dr. Badams says the closures would save the district $3 million a year.

According to Dr. Badams, it's only in the discussion stage right now, but all of the 3,200 high school students would then be sent to the other high schools throughout the county.

Along with transportation, class sizes, and community outrage over the changes, another major concern is the overall economic impact.

Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership CEO Barbara Chaffee says the school closures would have a dramatic impact on business expansion and attraction.

“That's absolutely a concern, both for business expansion and business attraction,” said Chaffee.  “In fact, it's why the implementation of the city comprehensive plan is also critical to the Erie School District.  In the short-term and midterm, it's the basic funding implementation.  In the long-range, it's the implementation of the city comprehensive plan."

Chaffee says the blow to business attraction and the job losses from the school closures make for a potentially disastrous outcome.

“It would be tragic and have an impact across the county,” said Chaffee.  “You want to be schooled and educated in your neighborhood and have all of those arts, leisure, and sports available for your education.”