As the November election approaches, the Erie County Republican Party has chosen their leader moving forward.

On Tuesday, during a closed-door meeting in the Garden Heights Baptist Church, longtime chairman Verel Salmon was selected to serve as the Erie County GOP leader once again. 

The former Millcreek Superintendent has served in the position since 2010.

Salmon was challenged by Millcreek Republican Chairman Robert Yates and Gene Sorrentino.  After securing 32 of the 56 Republican committee member votes, Salmon came out on top.

Salmon tells Erie News Now that his top priority moving forward is to create a sense of unity among local Republicans.

"Everybody says we're at a crossroads as a nation," says Salmon.  "I think the working people especially, senior citizens and so forth, are tired of the way our government is going.  The Republicans aren't the establishment anymore. Haven't been for many, many years.  It's a chance to get some balance in government."

Salmon will remain in this position for the next two years.