With construction ahead of schedule, VCG Properties--owner of the West Erie Plaza---is preparing to host the first ever "Gears & Grub" event.

"We saw this call from the community that they need something," said VCG Properties Project Coordinator Emily Smicker.  "So we had the opportunity to do it."

The event announcement follows recent complaints by local food vendors who are upset with Roar on the Shore.

The Manufacturer and Business Association, which hosts Roar on the Shore, contracted all food service to an out-of-town vendor .

Smicker says the Gears & Grub event is chance for local vendors to showcase their food.

"We heard a lot of the community, local food vendors and residents wanting a place to go for the local food during one of the busiest and most profitable weeks of the year for Erie." said Smicker.

Even though the event is coincides with Roar on the Shore, Smicker says it's not meant to take away from that event.

"We're just doing this to support our community and the other local events," said Smicker.  "We want to all work together and make this the greatest and even better tourist attraction, even bigger profit and economic boost for Erie."

The Gears & Grub will run from July 14-17 in the West Erie Plaza.

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