What started as a typical day for Sgt. Brian Copley, quickly took an unexpected turn.

On Thursday, Sgt. Copley of the Erie County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a fellow lieutenant, who spotted a fawn trapped between a wall and barrier near McClelland Avenue and Broad Avenue.

Sgt. Copley arrived at the scene and helped free the deer.  He then picked it up and carried it to the woods, where it was released.  The entire incident was captured on cell phone camera.

"It was completely trying to get out of my arms from the point I grabbed a hold of it,” said Sgt. Copley.   

But Sgt. Copley--who works part time for the PA Game Commission-- has a strong feeling someone else saw the deer first.

According to Sgt. Copley, when they found the fawn, it had a dog collar around its neck.

"I hope that people understand, it is wildlife and they need to leave that alone.” Said Sgt. Copley.

Fortunately, the little deer was unharmed.