Two separate officer-involved shootings are sparking a lot of outrage across the country.

Both fatal incidents, which were caught on camera, are now shining a light on concealed carry laws.

In St. Paul Minnesota, 32-year-old Philando Castile was shot and killed by police during a routine traffic stop.  His girlfriend Diamond Phillips says Castile told police that he had a license to carry a firearm and that he was carrying a weapon.  When Castile went to grab his identification card, Phillips said an officer opened fire.  Phillips live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting on social media.

The other case involves 37-year-old Alton Sterling.  Sterling was shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, following a confrontation with police.  Investigators say he was armed.  The incident was also captured on cell phone camera.

This afternoon, Erie News Now caught up with attorney Tim George of Purchase & George P.C.  George explained what you should do if you are approached by police, while concealing a weapon.

"When you're a law abiding owner of a firearm and you respect the laws of our commonwealth, it's easy to make everyone safe, by simply keeping your hands in plain sight, letting the officer know that you have a firearm, letting them know where you have it, listening to his instructions,” said George.  "Most officers will respect the fact that you've been forthright with them.  They're going to appreciate that you've made the situation much safer than it otherwise might be."