Emergycare has been providing pre-hospital care and medical transportation in our area since 1983.

It has grown tremendously over the years, and expanded from the City of Erie into many surrounding areas.

There are now about 300 employees at 11 different stations in 7 counties of northwestern Pennsylvania.

But the base of operations remains in Erie, in a new headquarters purchased and renovated in  2015.

Emergycare Executive Director Bill Hagerty said, "It is wonderful. We have space for 40 vehicles under roof. We have plenty of parking for employees, visitors, for education sessions."

But updates never end. New equipment is always needed.

Hagerty said,"We are looking at brand new heart monitors right now. We are testing heart monitors which will be a 6 figure investment for us, a million dollars."

Equipment and training at big ticket items.

And Emergycare, a non-profit, must closing watch spending.

Hagerty said, "People are surprised. I think people believed that we are a municipal or tax subsidized service, which we are not. We get a fee for services, our membership program and we ask for donations."