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2016 High School Football Schedule

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2017 Schedule will be updated soon

2016 Week 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Week One (August 26th & 27th)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Final: 41 - 22 Seneca Union City
Final: 6 - 42 West Middlesex Sharpsville
Final: 19 - 14 Youngsville Saegertown
Final: 7 - 13 Slippery Rock Reynolds
Final: 13 - 0 Mercyhurst Prep Eisenhower
Final: 12 - 28 Harborcreek Iroquois
Final: 21 - 28 North East Girard
Final: 6 - 35 Northwestern Fort LeBoeuf
Final: 20 - 0 Corry Oil City
Final: 28 - 10 Conneaut Fairview
Final: 30 - 20 DuBois Clearfield
Final: 21 - 7 Franklin Brashear
Final: 34 - 28 Grove City General McLane
Final: 36 - 40 Meadville Central Tech
Final: 48 - 14 Hickory Greenville
Final: 22 - 24 Mercer Lakeview
Final: 30 - 13 Wilmington Sharon
Final: 77 - 8 Cathedral Prep Strong Vincent
Final: 38 - 16 Titusville Cambridge Springs
Final: 0 - 28 Maplewood Cochranton
Final: 31 - 10 McDowell Howland, Ohio
Final: 14 - 42 Farrell Neshannock
Final: 8 - 46 East Warren

Week Two (September 2nd & 3rd)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM Harbor Creek Girard
Friday 7:00PM Reynolds Sharon
Friday 7:00PM Grove City Warren
Friday 7:00PM Cambridge Springs Saegertown
Friday 7:00PM Cochranton Seneca
Friday 7:00PM Farrell North East
Friday 7:00PM Union City Maplewood
Friday 7:00PM Wilmington West Middlesex
Friday 7:00PM Eisenhower Youngsville
Friday 7:00PM Greenville Slippery Rock
Friday 7:00PM Hickory Mercer
Friday 7:00PM Sharpsville Lakeview
Friday 7:00PM Northwestern Iroquois
Friday 7:00PM Mercyhurst Prep Corry
Friday 7:00PM Fairview Titusville
Friday 7:00PM Franklin Oil City
Friday 7:00PM General McLane Meadville
Friday 7:00PM McDowell Strong Vincent
Friday 7:00PM Central Tech Cathedral Prep
Friday 7:00PM DuBois Conneaut
Saturday 1:00PM East Fort LeBoeuf

Week Three (September 9th & 10th)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM Titusville Mercyhurst Prep
Friday 7:00PM Maplewood North East
Friday 7:00PM Reynolds Cambridge Springs
Friday 7:00PM Saegertown Cochranton
Friday 7:00PM Farrel Carrick
Friday 7:00PM Union City Harbor Creek
Friday 7:00PM Iroquois West Middlesex
Friday 7:00PM Seneca Youngsville
Friday 7:00PM Sharon Greenville
Friday 7:00PM Slippery Rock Hickory
Friday 7:00PM Lakeview Wilmington
Friday 7:00PM Mercer Shapsville
Friday 7:00PM Eisenhower Northwestern
Friday 7:00PM Oil City Conneaut, OH
Friday 7:00PM Fort LeBoeuf Corry
Friday 7:00PM Girard Fairview
Friday 7:00PM Conneaut Grove City
Friday 7:00PM Meadville DuBois
Friday 7:00PM Warren Franklin
Friday 7:00PM Cathedral Prep McDowell
Friday 7:00PM Central Tech General McLane
Saturday 1:00PM East Strong Vincent

Week Four (September 16th & 17th)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM Cochranton Cambridge Springs
Friday 7:00PM Fairview Corry
Friday 7:00PM Grove City Franklin
Friday 7:00PM Conneaut, OH Mercyhurst Prep
Friday 7:00PM Iroquois Seneca
Friday 7:00PM West Middlesex Farrell
Friday 7:00PM Youngsville Union City
Friday 7:00PM Greenville Conneaut
Friday 7:00PM Hickory Sharon
Friday 7:00PM Reynolds Lakeview
Friday 7:00PM Slippery Rock Mercer
Friday 7:00PM Wilmington Sharpsville
Friday 7:00PM North East Eisenhower
Friday 7:00PM Saegertown Maplewood
Friday 7:00PM Girard Northwestern
Friday 7:00PM Titusville Harbor Creek
Friday 7:00PM DuBois Oil City
Friday 7:00PM Meadville Warren
Friday 7:00PM Cathedral Prep Benedictine, OH
Friday 7:00PM McDowell East
Friday 7:00PM Strong Vincent General McLane
Saturday 7:00PM Central Tech Fort LeBoeuf

Week Five (September 23rd & 24th)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM Union City Farrell
Friday 7:00PM Eisenhower Iroquois
Friday 7:00PM Saegertown Northwestern
Friday 7:00PM West Middlesex Cambridge Springs
Friday 7:00PM Cochranton  Youngsville
Friday 7:00PM Lakeview Greenville
Friday 7:00PM Hickory Westinghouse
Friday 7:00PM Mercer Wilmington
Friday 7:00PM Shapesville Reynolds
Friday 7:00PM Sharon Slippery Rock
Friday 7:00PM Maplewood Seneca
Friday 7:00PM Corry North East
Friday 7:00PM Conneaut, OH Titusville
Friday 7:00PM Fairview Harbor Creek
Friday 7:00PM Girard  Mercyhurst Prep
Friday 7:00PM Conneaut Meadville
Friday 7:00PM Warren DuBois
Friday 7:00PM Franklin East
Friday 7:00PM Oil City Grove City
Friday 7:00PM General McLane Cathedral Prep
Friday 7:00PM Fort LeBoeuf McDowell
Saturday 1:00PM Strong Vincent Central Tech

Week Six (September 30th & October 1st)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM Greenville Sharpsville
Friday 7:00PM Lakeview Hickory
Friday 7:00PM Sharon Mercer
Friday 7:00PM Reynolds Wilmington
Friday 7:00PM Grove City Slippery Rock
Friday 7:00PM Seneca Eisenhower
Friday 7:00PM Northwestern Maplewood
Friday 7:00PM North East Saegertown
Friday 7:00PM Corry Conneaut, OH
Friday 7:00PM Warren Fairview
Friday 7:00PM Harbor Creek Fort LeBoeuf
Friday 7:00PM General McLane Conneaut
Friday 7:00PM DuBois Alderdice
Friday 7:00PM Central Tech Franklin
Friday 7:00PM Oil City Strong Vincent
Friday 7:00PM Girard Cambridge Springs
Friday 7:00PM Cochranton Titusville
Friday 7:00PM Farrell  Meadville 
Friday 7:00PM Union City  Iroquois 
Friday 7:00PM West Middlesex  Mercyhurst Prep 
Friday 7:00PM Holidaysburg McDowell 
Saturday 1:00PM East  Youngsville 
Saturday 1:00PM St. Joe's NY  Cathedral Prep 

Week Seven (October 7th & 8th)
Date & Time  Home Team  Away Team 
Friday 7:00PM  Cambridge Springs  Union City 
Friday 7:00PM  West Middlesex  Cochranton 
Friday 7:00PM  Farrell Youngsville 
Friday 7:00PM Wilmington Greenville
Friday 7:00PM  Sharpsville  Hickory 
Friday 7:00PM  Lakeview  Slippery Rock 
Friday 7:00PM  Mercer  Reynolds 
Friday 7:00PM  Sharon  Holy Name, OH 
Friday 7:00PM  Maplewood  Eisenhower 
Friday 7:00PM  Saegertwon  Iroquois 
Friday 7:00PM  North East  Seneca 
Friday 7:00PM  Conneaut, OH  Harbor Creek 
Friday 7:00PM  Corry  Girard 
Friday 7:00PM  Mercyhurst Prep  Fairview 
Friday 7:00PM  Warren  Titusville 
Friday 7:00PM  Conneaut  Oil City 
Friday 7:00PM  DuBois  Grove City 
Friday 7:00PM  Meadville  Franklin 
Friday 7:00PM  Cathedral Prep  Fort LeBoeuf 
Friday 7:00PM  Central Tech  McDowell 
Friday 7:00PM  General McLane  East 
Saturday 1:00PM  Strong Vincent Northwestern

Week Eight (October 14th & 15th)
Date & Time Home Team Away Team
Friday 7:00PM  Brashear  Strong Vincent 
Friday 7:00PM  Fort LeBoeuf  General McLane 
Friday 7:00PM  Austintown Fitch  McDowell 
Friday 7:00PM  Oil City  Meadville 
Friday 7:00PM  Slippery Rock  Sharpsville 
Friday 7:00PM  Youngsville  West Middlesex 
Friday 7:00PM  Cambridge Springs  Farrell 
Friday 7:00PM  Cochranton  Union City 
Friday 7:00PM  Greenville  Reynolds 
Friday 7:00PM  Hickory  Wilmington 
Friday 7:00PM  Sharon  Lakeview 
Friday 7:00PM  Mercer  Eisenhower 
Friday 7:00PM  Iroquois  Maplewood 
Friday 7:00PM  Northwestern  North East 
Friday 7:00PM  Seneca  Saegertown 
Friday 7:00PM  Girard  Conneaut, OH 
Friday 7:00PM  Titusville  Corry 
Friday 7:00PM  Fairview  Grove City 
Friday 7:00PM  Harbor Creek  Mercyhurst Prep 
Friday 7:00PM  Warren  Conneaut 
Friday 7:00PM  Franklin  DuBois 
Saturday 7:00PM  St. Francis, NY  Cathedral Prep 
Saturday 1:00PM  Central Tech  East 

Week Nine (October 21st)
Date & Time Home Team  Away Team 
Friday 7:00PM  McDowell  General McLane 
Friday 7:00PM  Youngsville  Cambridge Springs 
Friday 7:00PM  Farrell  Cochranton 
Friday 7:00PM  Union City  West Middlesex 
Friday 7:00PM  Greenville  Mercer 
Friday 7:00PM  Reynolds  Hickory 
Friday 7:00PM  Mercyhurst Prep  Lakeview 
Friday 7:00PM  Sharpsville  Sharon 
Friday 7:00PM  Wilmington  Slippery Rock 
Friday 7:00PM  Eisenhower  Saegertown 
Friday 7:00PM  Iroquois  North East 
Friday 7:00PM  Seneca  Northwestern 
Friday 7:00PM  Fairview  Conneaut, OH
Friday 7:00PM  Harbor Creek  Corry 
Friday 7:00PM  Girard  Titusville 
Friday 7:00PM  Franklin  Conneaut 
Friday 7:00PM  Punxsutawney  DuBois 
Friday 7:00PM  Grove City  Meadville 
Friday 7:00PM  Oil City  Warren 
Friday 7:00PM  East  Cathedral Prep 
Friday 7:00PM  Fort LeBoeuf  Strong Vincent 

Week Ten (October 28th & 29th)
Date & Time Home Team  Away Team 
Friday 7:00PM  Strong Vincent  Corry 
Friday 7:00PM  Fort LeBoeuf  Fairview 
Friday 7:00PM  Titusville  Franklin 
Friday 7:00PM  Holidaysburg  DuBois 
Friday 7:00PM  Bradford  Warren 
Friday 7:00PM  Cathedral Prep  Canisius 
Friday 7:00PM  Cambridge Springs  Seneca 
Friday 7:00PM  Iroquois  Cochranton 
Friday 7:00PM  Youngsville  Sheffield 
Friday 7:00PM  Meadville  Greenville 
Friday 7:00PM  Saegertown  Mercer 
Friday 7:00PM  Reynolds  Central Tech 
Friday 7:00PM  Sharon  Grove City 
Friday 7:00PM  Slippery Rock  Oil City 
Friday 7:00PM  Eisenhower  East 
Friday 7:00PM  Maplewood  Girard 
Friday 7:00PM  North East  Harbor Creek 
Friday 7:00PM  Northwestern  Mercyhurst Prep 
Saturday 1:00PM  St. Joe's NY McDowell

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