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UPMC Hamot MammoMarathon Underway

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MammoMarathon underway MammoMarathon underway

 It is the 10th anniversary of  UPMC Hamot's MammoMarathon. This week, about 5-hundred women are expected to take advantage of extra hours to get a mammogram, without a doctor's order. To mark the milestone during breast cancer awareness month, UPMC Hamot has turned it into a week-long mammogram event, at the Imaging Center on Peach Street.

To make it a more pleasant experience, they are offering free snacks and refreshments, holding pink basket raffles, and playing chick flicks, while you wait.

 Susan Skolnik, Coordinator of Breast Imaging Services said, "This year we decided to extend it to a five day Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm, trying to get the ladies who are at work and can't get here until later, trying to make it a more fun event for them."  Skolnik said imaging has changed over the years of the initiative, from films to the newest 3D technology.

Kathy Finn Newhouse came to the event for the first time, after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. She encouraged others to do the same. "Don't put it off, come here right now,  this week is the time to get in and they treat you so well and it's an easy procedure," Newhouse said.  She was surprised by all the free refreshments and pampering.

The event runs through Friday October 14 and 7:00 p.m.

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