The Erie School District is asking for the public's input to help it prepare a financial recovery plan for the state.

The district has posted a community survey on its website.  It asks for public input on a number of topics, including school funding and potential cuts.

According Daria Devlin, the district's coordinator of grants and community relations, there’s a lot of interest in the question regarding the closure of all four Erie high schools.   So far, Devlin says residents are overwhelmingly against it.  There's also been a lot of feedback on the question about raising taxes, says Devlin.

The Erie School District was recently placed on the state's financial watch list.  The district is already forecasting a $10 million deficit for next year and is now working with the PA Department of Education to solve its ongoing financial issues.

The financial recovery plan must be submitted to the state by the end of November.  According to Devlin, the survey will play a major role in developing that plan.

"We've taken the approach all along that the future of the district is really tied to the future of the city and the county,” said Devlin.  “We think it makes really good sense to find out how the community feels about the future of education in Erie, and help us make those decisions."

To complete the survey, head to: