On East 11th Street, there’s a new partnership aimed at reducing recidivism.

On Wednesday, Brenton Davis of Operation Jump Start donated $150,000 to Climate Changers, Inc.  The money will be used to open the “House of Total Change.”

It’s all part of the Total Change Program.

The program, founded by Frederick Williams, will help women who are getting out of prison to re-enter society, by providing them with a place to stay.  The women can also receive social services, occupational training, and parenting classes.

“When women come out of incarceration, the only place that they have to go is up in Franklin, or either Aliquippa,” said Williams.  “We wanted to have something in Erie, PA, for the women to be able to come to, because their children are here and their families are here.”

The Total Change Program also offers similar services to men who are re-entering society.

 “Incarceration is going up and recidivism as well,” said Climate Changers, Inc. CEO Curtis Jones Sr.  “So we’re stepping in and trying to lower recidivism within the Erie region, and starting with the men and continuing with the women’s program.”

The organization has also teamed up with Operation Jump Start.  It’s a 12 week construction apprenticeship program for ex-offenders. 

“This is absolutely revolutionary,” said Davis.  “This is why we made this donation, because I believe this is the future of rehabilitating families and putting people back on the tax codes.” 

For more information on the program, visit: www.totalchangeprogram.com