It was just last month when a 70-year old Republican, with no political experience, was elected as President of the United States. Now, a 73-year old Republican, with no political experience, is running for Mayor of Erie, and hopes to have the same winning outcome as Donald Trump.

Al Zimmer is a retired security guard, who lives at Schmid Towers, a housing authority high rise on East Sixth Street. He outlined his campaign platform during a speech today.

He said he wants to make Erie streets safer. He says he would increase Erie's police force up to its full complement, and would add four K-9 officers to the force. Zimmer said he would pay for the dogs himself, by taking a pay cut from his mayoral salary.

He says he would make sure crosswalks and sidewalks are safe for pedestrians, on foot and in wheelchairs, especially in the winter. He said, if elected, he would have an open door policy for citizens, as former Mayor Lou Tullio did many years ago. Zimmer says he ready to break from retirement and run for mayor.

"I want to try to make a difference.  I'm 73-years old. I'm retired.  I've got time on my hands. I've lived downtown in this area for 13 years.  I see what goes on. I see the condition of the town.  I see the people, and there's room for improvement," he said.

Zimmer isn't as mobile as he used to be.  He sometimes uses a motorized scooter to get around.  But, he said,  "If F.D.R. could run the country in a wheelchair, I could run the city from a scooter."