There's lots of excitement this holiday season as Christmas approaches.
But State Police want to remind you to stay vigilant.

As we've been reporting, police say now is the time of year where crimes of opportunity are on the rise.

So, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, State Police Trooper Stephen Oler says to wary of criminals looking to spoil the season, "We're thinking the best of everybody, but unfortunately, there are people out there who want to take advantage of us," said Tpr. Oler.

Trooper Oler offers some tips to keep your home secure from Christmas burglars.

First, make sure your gifts aren't visible from outside, "If you have a Christmas tree in front of a window, make sure that you don't stack the Christmas presents around the Christmas tree so a potential burglar can see that," Tpr. Oler said.

Also, watch what you post on social media.

Don't say when you're planning to leave your home, "Don't be posting when you're going on vacation, when you're going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, or those great new things that you got, because burglars, if they see something that piques their interest, they might be coming to your house next to get that," Tpr. Oler advised.

Police also advise to lock your doors, and make sure you home is well lit. You could even put your lights on a timer, and make use of motion sensors.

And after all the gifts are unwrapped, be careful about how you dispose of packaging, "If you get that new TV, if you get that new big item, make make sure you're discreet about when you put that package out on the roadway, because they may be driving by, see you got a brand new TV, and decide that they want it, next thing you know your house is burglarized," said Tpr. Oler.

State Police also say be wary of door to door donation seekers, don't give out any personal information or money without seeing proper credentials.