Paws 'n Claws opened in Girard in 2001 as a pet boarding and grooming business.

Four years ago it expanded to Erie, adding play care and a retail business.

Fifteen employees at the Erie operation work with thousands of dogs and a few cats ever year.

Managers say employees work hard to make the dogs look good and make the owners happy.

President-Owner Robert Tuznik said, "Well our groomers have been grooming for a long time. They have a real good eye as to what the dog is supposed to look like. They listen very closely trying to get people's description of what they want."

While grooming is a big part of the business it is not the only part. Play care is also a big part of the business.

While the owners work or run errands, their dogs blow off steam, running, playing and socializing with other dogs. Employees make sure it is a positive experience.

Employee Natalie Rendon said, "They get the mind stimulated, they get to learn, they get to play. Then at the end of the day they are all wiped out."

But owners have to apply to get their dog into play care.

Vaccinations are required.

Dogs must be wearing a flea product and they have to pass a temperament test.

The goal is to ensure safety.

Paws 'n Claws also has a small boarding area at the Erie complex, along with a much larger space in Girard.

And the Erie center also has a retail center.