As Scott Enterprises continues to move forward with a $150 million project on Erie’s bayfront, Senator Dan Laughlin is pushing for a program that could help fund the project.

Governor Tom Wolf recently announced that he would not authorize additional Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) or City Revitalization and Improvement Zones (CRIZ).

Sen. Laughlin sent a letter to the governor asking him to reconsider his stance.

"For the governor to say that he didn't want to do them anymore came as a little bit of a shock to most of us,” said Sen. Laughlin.  "The KOZ and CRIZ are both really good programs, as far as helping revitalize a city like Erie, and they are widely regarded basically as a win-win."

Both programs could potentially provide millions of dollars in funding for economic development along Erie's bayfront, including the Harbor Place Project.

It's a $150 million project that will transform the 12 acres of land near the Maritime Museum and Blasco Library.  Scott Enterprises plans to build two hotels, townhouses, and condominiums, along with retail and office spaces.  Scott Enterprises Vice President Chris Scott says the CRIZ funding would translate to more jobs.

"Not only will it help our project, but there's over 100 acres along the bayfront that would be benefiting from this development, from this CRIZ," said Scott.  “What it does…you use the local or state taxes that come back to stimulate economic development, which obviously creates jobs.  So anytime you have something like that, it's a win-win not only for our company, but for all of Erie.”

Scott Enterprises plans to move forward with the project regardless if they receive CRIZ money or not, but Chris Scott says the extra funding will help kick-start their efforts.

Meantime, Sen. Laughlin plans to fight for KOZ and CRIZ in Harrisburg.

“We made it known in Erie how we felt about it,” said Sen. Laughlin.  “It’s an important first step.”