It's been nearly one week since Saint Vincent Hospital has put in place a treatment program to help people dealing with opioid abuse and its bringing outcomes resulting in much-needed rehab for the patients.  Dr. Jestin Carlson is the Director of Resident Research at Saint Vincent.
    He says the program, called "Warm Hand-off" and helps people deal with issues surrounding opioid abuse.
    Once patients show up at the emergency room or get dropped off at the hospital, they get medication to reverse the overdose.
    and then when they are aware of what happened, hospital staff discusses with them, at their bedside, the next step. 

    Carlson says, "It's not just individual episodes of care, its truly a continuum of care from when they arrive in the ER thru when they meet with the counselor to the outpatient and regular visits to ensure the successful completion of the program and continued assistance with opioid addiction."

       The "Warm Hand-off" program provides faster access to community resources. The grant for the initiative was given to the county by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. ###