We're only four months away from the municipal primaries where nine candidates are running to be the City of Erie's 48th Mayor. While the number continues to grow, a few city residents say they aren't overwhelmed by the amount of candidates but instead are glad to have options.

"As far as we've been concerned, not much changes have been happening. So I guess, the more candidates, the more changes and options are on the table," said Antonio Carr, Erie City resident.

"The more people, with more ideas, gives the citizens a better opportunity to choose who they feel comfortable with when the election time comes," said Ed Kissell, Erie City resident.

Some of the main platforms candidates are running on include adding jobs, improving the economy, cleaning up the streets from crime, and tackling blight. With so many issues, it may be hard to keep each candidate straight, but some say the candidates will take it upon themselves to get their word to the community.

"They will be out knowing that there are many candidates, they're going to have to be extremely sharp on their opinions and what they're going to tell the people they're going to try to accomplish," said Kissell. 

Each candidate has a list of issues they are running on but most voters are looking at which candidate aligns most with their wish list for the next city mayor.

"The next mayor, whether it be a him or a her, should be out in the community, should know the issues," said Kissell.

"Making sure we have good transportation, we have walk-a-bility, that we promote the interests of all the people and all the neighborhoods," said Freda Tepfer, Erie City resident.

"Also someone who has Erie's best interests at heart in the long run. Cause it seems like it's just getting worse and worse," said Carr.

The primaries will be held on May 16th, where the democratic winner is expected to be a heavy favorite come the November election. 

2017 Mayoral Race


-Jay Breneman

-Lisa Austin

-Joe Schember

-Almi Clerkin

-Bob Merski

-Rubye Jenkins-Husband

-Steve Franklin


-Al Zimmer

-Jon Whaley