Earlier this week an arrest warrant was served for an Erie man accused of allowing his Pitbull to attack and kill a cat on camera. 

The humane society seized two animals from a home on the 900 block of East 25th street.

They served a search warrant there after receiving a graphic video of a man allegedly allowing and encouraging his dog to attack and kill a cat.

That video, was sent to them after being posted on Facebook Live. 

The man that's allegedly responsible is 27 year old Kenneth Joint, and as the law stands right now, animal cruelty is a summary offense with a fine of a couple hundred dollars and less than 90 days in jail.

But one local legislator is trying to change that.

Representative Ryan Bizzarro has re-introduced house bill 13, which would set stricter penalties for animal abuse.

This bill was first introduced in 2015 but failed to secure a final vote because the legislation session ended.

Well now, a new legislative session has just kicked off, and Bizzarro says he feels confident and hopeful.

 Bizzarro tells Erie News Now he has done his homework on this bill and he's ready to go.

The bill would prevent any abuser convicted of animal cruelty from getting their pets back.

Bizzarro says he plans to meet with his committee chairs next week to get the ball rolling.

As far as Kenneth Joint, he does face three felony charges of animal cruelty, plus a misdemeanor and summary counts of cruelty to animals.

No preliminary hearing date has been set.

Kovu the Pitbull is currently being held by the humane society of northwestern Pennsylvania.