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McBride Viaduct Scheduled to be Demolished

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After years of debate, the McBride Viaduct is scheduled to be demolished.

“There's a timeline and it looks like probably by the end of this year, they will be getting a little more serious on the project,” said Erie City Council President Cas Kwitowski.  “We had to make a decision which, whether you agree with it or not, that decision was made a few years back, that they would tear down the bridge and renovate the highway to do what they did do before."

The timeline has been posted on the McBride Viaduct website.  The bridge is scheduled for demolition at the end of the year.

The 1,200 foot bridge on East Avenue has been closed since 2010, after engineers deemed it structurally deficient and unsafe for vehicles.

The final plan for demolition is based off a 2013 feasibility study, which determined that the bridge should be torn down.

TranSystems of Pittsburgh, is the main consultant firm handling the project.

“I think it was pretty clear through the feasibility study, what the recommendation should be,” said project manager Brian Krul.  “Again, that recommendation was not only to demolish the viaduct, but also to provide some off-site improvements."

Along with the bridge removal, the plan also calls for sidewalk and intersection improvements along East Avenue and East 12th Street.

The firm is still working on final numbers, but it was previously expected to cost $2.5 million to demolish the bridge.

A public hearing is expected to be scheduled to outline the final plan for the bridge.

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