Nearly two dozen employees are no longer facing permanent layoffs at the Crawford County Care Center. 

Faced with a $765,000 deficit, Crawford County Commissioners decided to lay off 81 employees at the nursing home.

Initially, 46 of those positions were considered permanent.

According to Crawford County Commissioner Joe Amato, there will now be 25 permanent layoffs.  Amato says they were able to save 20 positions, after several employees agreed to early retirements.

The job eliminations are due to a drop in resident population.

There are 157 beds at the nursing home, but only 134 are filled, costing Crawford County at total of $60,000 a month.

Depending on census, commissioners say they are still hoping to call back some of the employees who are being laid off.

“We support the home,” said Amato.  “We're going to continue to look at how we can do things better, and we really believe in the service we provide.  It's important to the people of Crawford County."

The permanent layoffs will take place on March 5.