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Future of Waterford Building Remains Uncertain

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Adeline's Attic owner Brian Coburn is forced to temporarily close his doors.

“It's really the grace of God we were doing something else, and got here a little later than normal," said Coburn.  "We're really counting our blessings today.”

On Wednesday night, Coburn and his wife and daughter were at church, when the former Joe's Auto Parts store in Waterford partially collapsed.  His store is located next door.  Chunks of debris crashed through his storage area, causing significant damage to his roof.

"From what we can tell, the side of that building let go probably minutes before we got here,” said Coburn.  “There were pretty sizable chunks of concrete where we parked and where we go to get into the building."

"I knew when Brian called me at night, there was a problem,” said Coburn’s landlord Ron Shields.  “That's all I can say.

Shields is now assessing the damages to his building.

"The building is not in the best of shape next door,” said Shields.  “We've been waiting and wondering what they are going to do with it."

While the Shields is eager to fix damages to his building, he must first find out what is going to be done with the former Joe’s Auto Parts building.

“We can'tt go too far until we know what they are going to do with that building next door,” said Shields.  “Obviously, we can't spend a lot of money making repairs and then have more damage occur when the building hopefully comes down."

Despite the damage to his business, Coburn remains optimistic.

"It could have been a lot worse in terms of my wife and daughter and myself,” said Coburn.  “Somebody could have got hurt, and thank God nobody did.”

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