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Legal Battle Over Ridgefield School Property Heads to PA Supreme Court

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The ongoing dispute between the Millcreek Township School District and Montessori Regional Charter School will now go before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court granted the school district's petition for an appeal over the sale of the former Ridgefield Elementary School.

The district initially approved the sale of the property to Velocity Network for $1.1 million.  Montessori has offered $1.6 million for the property.

Last July, the Commonwealth Court reversed a judge's approval of the sale and ordered the property be sold at public auction.

According to Millcreek School District Solicitor Tim Sennett, the state Supreme Court will now determine whether the Commonwealth Court had the authority to order the public sale of the property and whether the court erred in reversing the judge's decision.

"The Millcreek Township School District is encouraged by the granting of the petition,” said Sennett.  “The Supreme Court does not grant an appeal in every case and recognized there is an issue in this case which must be resolved."

After winning several appeals, Montessori Charter School Solicitor Tom Pendleton says he feels confident that the Supreme Court will rule in their favor.

"This is about educating public school students in a way that makes sense to the taxpayers in a cost efficient way,” said Pendleton.  “We're confident that at the end of the day, the Supreme Court will rule in Montessori's favor."

The Supreme Court is expected to hear the case in October.

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