We have learned that careless smoking is to blame for a fire that forced a family of four from their home early Thursday morning in East Erie. What's more, is that there were no smoke detectors in the home. That's according to the Erie Fire Inspectors Office. 
    The fire started around 2:30am on East 6th Street in a spare bedroom. A husband, wife and their two children, ages four and two were at home at the time. The wife said she was hearing odd noises and discovered the fire when everyone was sleeping. A cigarette had been discarded and caught fire.

The husband, who we're told is a smoker, tried to extinguish the fire himself and later had to be rescued from the roof by firefighters. ##
With no smoke detectors in that rental home, inspectors say they don't know when the house was last inspected. Luckily, no one was hurt. ###