Dwight Critchfield was planning to get his haircut for his birthday, but he was met with a big surprise.

On Thursday, his barber Terry Etzel threw Critchfield a barber shop bash, in celebration of his 100th birthday.

"It feels pretty good, except my shoulder is bothering me a little,” said Critchfield.  “So what?  That's old age.

The Rockwood, PA, native was born on March 16, 1917.

The father of six and grandfather of 12, moved to Erie in 1944, and worked on the railroad.

"I’ve had a wonderful life,” said Critchfield.  “I'd give anything to live my life over.

Critchfield’s advice for a long life:

"All I know, is behave yourself,” said Critchfield.  “You'll live a long time."