A judge must decide if the trial against four suspects, charged in a shooting that left two teenagers dead, should be pushed back.

The four suspects--Jahaun Jones, Keshawn McLaurin, Demond Mitchell, and Stephan Russell--are charged with firing gunshots out of an SUV into a crowd near West 29th and Summit Streets in July of 2015.

They are accused of killing 16-year-old Shakur Franklin.

Their lawyers argue that they were denied their constitutional right to confront their accusers.  The defense also argues that the only testimony at their preliminary hearing was hearsay testimony from the arresting officer.

As of now, the trial is scheduled for April 24.  A judge is expected to determine by the end of the week, if it will be pushed back.

A fifth suspect, 22-year-old Darion Eady, was recently convicted of third-degree murder in shooting death of 16-year-old Elijah Jackson, who was killed in the same incident.