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Potholes reported so far

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What is the location or your pot hole?  Cross streets or address.    The date you saw the pot hole
Middle of Pitts Ave and 12th street intersection. It's a cluster you can't avoid.    9/1/2016   
East 38th street between Mercyhurst and Briggs Ave. on the south side of the street    4/3/2017
39th sunset Blvd.    3/29/2017
Pinehurst Dr. at the top cul-de-sac    3/10/2011
38th&steritania    3/17/2017
State and 12th streets    3/31/2017
40th and Page street    3/29/2017
Pine Ave and Essex    4/21/2017
spring street, Meadville, pa    3/29/2017
Big Valley rd and wall st    3/25/2017
Big Valley pike and wall st    3/29/2017
Lincoln hwy    4/26/2017
On Smithson between Main and Field Streets.    3/4/2017
6th street from Frontier Park to Maryland is one big pothole. Maryland Ave at 6th st is huge    2/14/2017
North bound on Walbridge, turning East on Iroquis/955, in Harborcreek, there's a big hole on the right side of Iroquis/955 East bound.  Pity those who fall in!    4/18/2017
State Street south bound at Central Tech High School.    4/24/2017
Series of them at Rumsey Avenue and Napier intersection    3/20/2017
Gridley Ave. South side near 257    4/5/2017
Pine Ave and East Ave    4/18/2017
26th and Elm Street    3/27/2017
All of Buffalo Rd.    4/10/2017
"Worth street 
washington/Sciota street 
all over Corry"    3/27/2017
Shady Ave and Route 6 intersection in Corry.    4/3/2017
26th street exit off79    2/28/2017
West 23 myrtle    3/30/2017
36th and poplar    4/18/2017
The intersection of Mcreary and 38th street (it is a long gap instead of a circular hole)    3/31/2017
Grandview at Conrad    4/24/2017
635 west 26 street    4/23/2017
main and north ampton    3/16/2017
Millfair Rd. South of route 5    3/1/2017
4th cascade    3/31/2017
36th and zuck rd    4/2/2017
Mindi Court    8/30/2016
Pine and 38th at the light heading west. Good golly even parked at the light and moving less the 5mph I thought it chewed up me wheel and rim    4/16/2017
Edinboro rd    3/28/2017
Westline Street at 2811 in Millcreek    4/1/2017
New court place warren, pa    3/15/2016
Peach and Liberty, northwest bound    3/30/2017
10th parade north east corner by the sewer drain    4/5/2017
Peach street - northbound - below 29th st    4/6/2017
Hillside & 54th St    4/22/2017
Fairmount pkwy and June st.    1/1/2017
E.38th & Pine north east corner    2/28/2017
along the state hospital in warren on State st Warren Pa there are a series of 5 that are very sharp and have one looks like a heart.    3/30/2017
507 Colorado St.    4/1/2017
Just past Peach and Cherry going north on Peach.    1/1/2017
38th and Peach    4/19/2017
"Entrance into West Erie Plaza from 8th St. before turning into
Northwest Savings Bank."    4/27/2017
Sterritania, between caughey and love road, northbound by the cemetery.    3/24/2017
Liberty and 38th. Hole is on northwest corner of liberty    3/31/2017
Nagle Rd at Walgreens    4/11/2017
West 6th & Cascade Street    3/29/2017
West 26th & Peach Street    4/2/2017
Brown ave headed West just past co fair, sunken man hole    4/10/2017
All peach street from 26th to the mall the city does a terrible job    3/25/2017
12th and Pittsburgh Ave intersection.    3/31/2017
Lincoln Ave by Harding School    3/17/2017
Any where between greengarde and elmwood on 26th street    3/31/2017
Lincoln at bayfront    3/31/2017
12th street    3/31/2017
26th and Elm    3/25/2017
26th st as you get off the ramp. Terrible    4/1/2017
West 26th from 900 block to tops market    3/28/2017
"gates st by the rr tracks and
also on dirt part of road, cross st W main st, in corry PA"    4/1/2017
Hillcrest between Bancroft and West Arlington is a mess. I go over it every day with my school bus.    3/31/2017

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