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Millcreek School Board Member Files Lawsuit Against Superintendent

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A Millcreek School Board member has filed a lawsuit against the district and superintendent.

School director Lou Aliota is now seeking an injunction that would require the superintendent and solicitor to disclose financial invoices to the school board.

In the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday morning, Aliota has requested for a judge to grant school board members access to invoices and financial documents of the school district.

Over the past 12 months, Aliota says he's made requests for information from the district's superintendent and solicitor.  All of which, have been denied.

By not having access to those records, Aliota says it's a violation of his obligation under the school code, to be fully informed of the bills that he has to vote on.

In February, the school board voted down six information requests from Aliota.  He was also censured, following two investigations that were launched by the school board, which cost taxpayers an estimated $6,000.

Today, I asked him if he's worried about how much this lawsuit could cost taxpayers.

Let's put it this way.  I've been accused, vilified, demeaned, about submitting right-to-knows, said Aliota.  "I am trying to do my job for the taxpayers and students, and I'm being denied."

Erie News Now reached out to Millcreek Schools Superintendent William Hall and district solicitor Timothy Sennett.  As of tonight, we have not heard back from them.

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