Super 8 hotel manager Christine Filipkowski was relaxing at home Thursday night, when she received a call from police.

"As soon as I got that call last night, I was just kind of…I didn't believe it,” said Filipkowski.  “I thought it was a joke."

Investigators informed her that 48-year-old Wayne Kozak, who is charged with killing his mother, was a guest at her hotel.

“This guy was super sketchy and he came in to check into a room,” said Filipkowski.  “The whole time, he was very impatient and just kind of eager to get into the room."

The violent incident happened Thursday afternoon, in Eden, New York.  New York police say Kozak shot and killed his mother, 79-year-old Mary Kozak, in their East Eden Road home.

Investigators received word that Kozak was in Erie and contacted Pennsylvania State Police.

Law enforcement from both states then worked together located Kozak at the Super 8 Hotel in Summit Township.

"We did have all the guests exit,” said Filipkowski.  “We made sure that there were no guests in the hotel, just because it was a very dangerous situation and we obviously didn't want anything to happen." Kozak

Police say Kozak initially refused to surrender.  But after investigators obtained a warrant, they were able to enter Kozak’s room and arrested him in the hotel bathroom.

Kozak is facing a charge of second degree murder.