The Pennsylvania State Senate is now considering a bill that would allow school district employees to carry guns.

It’s called PA Senate Bill 383.

The bill--introduced by Republican Senator Don White of Indiana County--would give school districts the option of allowing their teachers, principals, and employees to carry guns on school properties.

"Philosophically, I'm for it,” said Sen. Dan Laughlin.  “But, I think it needs to be watched closely and some thought put into it, before it becomes law.” 

Sen. Laughlin and the Pennsylvania Senate will soon have to vote on the bill.

"I think there are some pretty rural school districts in this state that are concerned about the response times from the state police,” said Sen. Laughlin.  “Those are the ones that we were concerned about being able to protect themselves and their students."

Those in favor of the bill, say it will allow teachers to protect their students and themselves, in the case of a school shooting.

Those against the bill, say it would make schools more dangerous

"At first blush, it doesn't seem like a good idea, especially when we're trying to promote nonviolence within our schools." said Brian Polito, incoming superintendent of the Erie School District. 

If passed, employees interested in carrying weapons would have to go through firearms training.

If the bill is passed by the Senate, it still faces a lot of opposition.  Governor Tom Wolf's office even pledged to veto the bill, if it reaches his desk.

"This bill moved out of committee, it's a long way from being law,” said Sen. Laughlin.  “I don't think it anybody needs to be concerned about it just yet."