MILLCREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Republicans running for Millcreek Township supervisor all agree that spending needs re-examined. For advertising executive George Hazuda, that starts with one area.

"This year alone we're allocating $890,000 in legal expenses. Last year, we spent over $700,000 in legal expenses," said Hazuda, 55, owner of Moree Advertising in Millcreek.

And after just 20 percent of Millcreek taxpayers donated to the township's five volunteer fire departments last year, West Lake Fire Dept. Assistant Chief Kirk McCaslin -- also a township streets employee -- wants to see some of the $10 million in additional revenue from the sale of the former Millcreek Twp. Water Authority to go toward public safety.

"I'm a public servant. I've been in public service my entire adult life and I just wish to continue that in a different capacity," said McCaslin, 53, who has served in various capacities for 35 years with West Lake.

Former state trooper Jim Bock is a self-described fiscal conservative. But he ultimately wants more cops on the streets, despite more than one-third of the township's employees coming in the police department.

"You could live in a community with low taxes, great schools," said Bock, 54, who retired earlier this year. "But if it's not a safe place, nobody would want to live there."

The candidates also pushing for better roads throughout the township. McCaslin and Bock are also pushing for shared service agreements with other municipalities to save money. But hazuda considers regionalization a bad thing for Millcreek.

If elected, all three Republicans said they would like Millcreek supervisors to meet more often, double the meetings from two currently to four per month.