While most students are expected to sit still in the classroom, at Conneaut Valley Elementary School, movement is encouraged.

The school has established a new program, called Movement Makers.

Employees and parents installed "busy bars" on some of the desks, which allow students to move around as they work.

The school also purchased bouncy balls and standing desks for students who prefer to stand, while they work.

"It's fun that we get a chance to do something new and innovative, but yet so simple and so easy for the kids.” said Conneaut Valley Elementary School Guidance Counselor Daniel Varner.

Varner says that by simply adding movement to the classroom, students with attention issues are able to focus on their work, instead of acting out.

"It helps those children who need to move and focus, move and focus,” said kindergarten teacher Karen Sutliff.  “It helps with a lot of the problems in the classroom as well."

Tabitha Schogren says the program has had a tremendous impact on her son’s life.  

"It's been fantastic,” said Schogren.  “My son has ADHD, so he's constantly moving, and being able to sit still and get those wiggles out, has been really, really helpful."