Erie News Now is keeping an eye on some key Warren and Crawford County races, which include mayor, school board, and a Magisterial Judge.

In Meadville, Democrats Mayor H. Leroy Stearns and Deputy Mayor Sean Donahue are looking to get votes from residents for Meadville Mayor.  In this major race, both candidates have worked on council for years, but have voted differently on key issues, like the County 911 Center.

Another race in Crawford County we’re keeping our eye on, school board elections at the Penncrest School District.  The school district is facing a multi-million dollar budget deficit.  While the primary doesn’t choose who will be on the school board, it could certainly change the future of the Crawford County schools.

In Warren County, a few more key runs include races for Magisterial District Judge for the city of Warren, townships of Sheffield and Cherry Grove.  District Judge Glenn Carlson is retiring, so the race in between 3 Warren city residents.

Another race to look out for in Warren, the school board race for the Warren County School District.  County Elections Director Lisa Rivett says this has been the talk of the town.

"I think our school district is a hot topic only because of our strike last year.  People are looking for change, and that sort of thing.  So, for Region 1 we have 4 candidates and it's vote for two,” Lisa explains.