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Montessori Charter School CEO Officially Resigns

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In a unanimous decision, the Montessori Regional Charter School board of trustees has accepted the resignation of former CEO Anthony Pirrello.

After serving as CEO for 11 years, Pirrello announced his decision last week, to resign from the $119,000 a year position.

On Tuesday, the board accepted Pirrello’s resignation, during a public meeting at the school’s administrative building.

However, board members would not comment on the reason behind his resignation.

“That's confidential and we're bound by agreement mutually,” said board president Craig Palmer.  “We're looking forward to keeping on the direction and moving the school forward in a positive manner."

Parents, like Cammy Melaragno, describe Pirrello's departure as shocking.

"We knew that the school is thriving and doing well, even as the board had written,” said Melaragno.  “It seems like it kind of came out of nowhere to see that he had resigned."

The board of trustees has formed a new committee, who will begin the process of selecting a new CEO.

“We're going to look at internal candidates,” said Palmer.  “We have a great team already, but we're going to look outside (as well) because we want to have our next CEO be the best we can find."

In the meantime, Mark Zielinski---the school's administrator of academics and behavior---will finish the school year as the interim chief academic officer, at a salary of $70,000 a year.

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