If you can believe it, it was almost two months ago Eries race for Mayor was narrowed down to just Democratic candidate Joe Schember and Republican John Persinger.  While the excitement that lead up to the primary settled, the two candidates havent slowed down.

"This is Erie County's first-ever mobile headquarters, explains Persinger. 

He showed us his RV that will hit the streets to listen to the people of Erie.

"We listened to the voters, and we heard what they wanted.  They want a mayor who's out in the neighborhoods, talking to the residents, so that's what we did with this headquarters, says Persinger.

Schember is doing much of the same.  We spoke with him on what hes up to this summer.

"I've been spending a lot of time out listening to people, just being with people, in several different ways, says Schember.

He explains hes been talking to people one-on-one, and volunteering at different events.

For both candidates, they can agree on one thing, the future of the city of Erie. So, throughout the summer months, hope is going to be a main focus during their campaigns.

"People in the inner-city tell me that people give up hope, because they don't see an opportunity... we've got to change that, and I really believe we've got a once in a lifetime opportunity to do that, says Schember.

"Everyone looks around and they see these problems, blighted houses, an underfunded school system, drug epidemic, gun violence.  And the sad thing is, these problems aren't new.  But what is good is our past doesn't have to be our future, says Persinger.

How both candidates plan on addressing the issues are pretty similar, just by lending an ear.

"We have to show the people that we have a mayor who is out there every day fighting for Erie's future, fighting to get jobs here, fighting to innovated,  fighting to give people hope for Erie's tomorrow, says Persinger.

"So, I want to create more family sustaining jobs in Erie, I think we desperately need that, and that's very important..I know I can't please everyone and there will be diverse opinions but I value that diversity.  I want to listen to everyone, and bottom line do what's best for Erie, says Schember.

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