Federal investigators are trying to determine the cause of a small plane crash, which claimed the life of an Edinboro pilot.

On Monday, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration made their way to the crash site off of Airport Road in Linesville, to sift through the wreckage.

On Sunday evening, investigators say 70-year-old Harry Ross had just taken off from the Merry Pymatuning Airport, when something went terribly wrong.

"It progressed up to about 400 to 500 feet, made a sharp right turn here towards us, and the witnesses said that the aircraft nose-dived into the ground.” said NTSB Air Traffic Investigator Aaron McCarter.

After crashing into a field, the ultralight plane--which had just been refueld--burst into flames.

"Before we got here, bystanders had taken the person who was operating this plane, and got him away from the plane.” said Linesville Fire Chief Bill Mickle.

Ross died at the scene.  The Crawford County Coroner has ruled his death accidental due to multiple blunt force trauma.

The crash site is near the same spot where a small aircraft crashed in December of 2015, killing two people.

No autopsy is scheduled, but the Crawford County Coroner will conduct a toxicology test on Ross.