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Improvement Plans Announced for Presque Isle & Erie's Bayfront

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A collaborative effort to improve safety and mobility at Presque Isle State Park and along the Erie Bayfront is gaining momentum.

Members of Governor Tom Wolf's administration and transportation leaders gathered at the Waterworks Slip area of Presque Isle State Park on Wednesday, to outline those plans.

PennDOT is beginning two initiatives, including a $300,000 multimodal study, to determine potential improvements for the park.  Some of the options include improvements to parking, bicycle and pedestrian trails.

The study will also look at reducing traffic congestion by creating a multimodal hub.  The hub would include water taxi service, bike rentals, and a shuttle service all in one location.

“This process really, is going to be a process that leads at a path of what Presque Isle is going to be infrastructure wise, recreation wise, layout wise, for the next 50 years.” said Presque Isle Park Operations Manager Matt Greene.

PennDOT will also conduct a $2.6 million study, which will determine projects to improve transportation and access to Erie's Bayfront Parkway.

Those behind the plans say the overall purpose is to improve safety and mobility on both sides of the bay and provide better access to Presque Isle.

“This is a place where people want to be,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards.  “We want to make it as easy and as accessible as possible."

Until both studies are completed, it is unclear exactly how much the improvements will cost.

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