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Construction Won't Disrupt First Day of Classes at Erie High

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August 28 is an important day as it will begin a new era in the Erie School District.  The former Central Tech High School will open that day as Erie High, and will merge students from three high schools after a building consolidation project.

Because it's such an important day in the history of the new Erie High School,  the Erie School Board does not want a demolition project taking place at the same time.  A portion of the C-wing was destroyed by fire on May 26, and the school board has been scrambling to complete the clean-up and repairs before the start of the new school year.                           

During a special meeting this afternoon, the board awarded a $435,000 contract to E.E.Austin and Son for the demolition of the burned-out portion of the wing.
That work will begin in one week, and will include the installation of a new steel shell and temporary walls.

The board wanted all that work to be done before August 28, so no major construction would be going on after the beginning of classes. E.E. Austin assured the board that it will meet the deadline.

"What we set up today was to insure that there isn't any big construction going on after the start of the school year.  We want to make sure that all the demolition work is done and structural steel is put in place so that type of work won't be happening when students arrive on campus in the fall," said Brian Polito, Erie School Superintendent.

The cost of the demolition will be entirely covered by insurance.

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