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Humane Society Pleased with Animal Cruelty Case Sentencing

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The Erie man who ordered his pit bull to attack and kill a cat while he recorded it on a cell phone, will not be allowed to own another animal and will spend time in prison.
Both rulings were handed down today, in the animal cruelty case against 27-year-old Kenneth Joint.

On Tuesday, Joint pleaded guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor count of animal cruelty and an additional charge of criminal mischief.  Joint was sentenced 11 to 23 months in prison, with credit for four months served.

Back in January, investigators say Joint encouraged his three-year-old pit bull Kovu to attack and kill a cat, while he captured it on cell phone video.  Investigators say Joint then shared the video with his friends.

Along with jail time, Erie County Judge Daniel Brabender also ruled that Joint can never own another pet and ordered him to receive a mental health evaluation.

"I was happy to see that, said Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania Executive Director Nicole Bawol.  Clearly, somebody that is using another animal to hurt another animal is not healthy."

The Human Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania now has custody of Kovu.

Investigating officer Brian Carroll says they hope to find him a new home.

Kovu is a great dog and he would be awesome in a good home with good people, said Carroll.  He's very loyal.  He listens well.  He's great with commands, loves his tennis ball, pulls hard on the leash, but he's a really good boy."

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