Waterford Barber Shop Owner Larry Yost is upset with parking changes outside of his business.

"I think it's ridiculous,” said Yost.  “Why would you make someone back in, when they can pull in?  it just doesn't make sense to me."

PennDOT has converted parking in the Waterford business district to reverse-angle, back-in parking.

A decision, that's being met with backlash.

My thoughts are it's not a good idea,” said Linda Parshall of Heritage Chiropractic.  “First of all, it's a very busy street and for people to have to try to stop and then back in, isn't really working well."

PennDOT says the changes were made to prevent drivers from blindly backing into oncoming traffic on High Street.

Carini Restaurant owner Joe Petrick says it's created a lot of confusion.

“It's causing more safety issues with people not having the patience to wait,” said Petrick.  “I've seen at least 100 cars parked the wrong way since (last) Tuesday, when they started it.”

The Waterford Borough Council adopted the changes during its June 5 meeting.

Business owners plan to voice their concerns at the next Waterford Borough Council meeting, on August 7.