When it comes to catching yellow perch, many anglers will tell you that this summer has been tough.

"The last two seasons is the worst perch fishing we've seen in history,” said Perch Pirate Head Boat owner John Krasa.  “I've been fishing on this lake for 30 years."

Krasa says there are a couple of reasons for the decline in perch catches.

"The biologists tells us that their opinion is there's way more food in the lake available to the perch now,” said Krasa.  “Their diet has changed and they are always full."

The change in diet is making it more difficult to catch perch.

"They are feeding on the gobies, the zebra mussels, and a whole variety of things,” said S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie director Chuck Miller.  “What's going to work on any particular day is anybody's guess."

Miller describes this year’s perch fishing as spotty.

"Before you could go out and just about drop a bare hook in and catch your limit of perch,” said Miller.  “Now, it's changed a little bit."

While the perch catches have been down, Krasa says walleye fishing has been great.

"Walleye fishing is out of this world this season,” said Krasa.  “There are so many of them.  A majority of our catches this week have been walleye."

Miller says there are still plenty of perch to catch.  It's just a matter of finding them.

"It's called fishing not catching,” said Miller.  “That's where we stand."