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'GE’s actions are insulting': Lawmakers, Leaders Issue Statements

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Lawmakers and community leaders have issued statements on General Electric Transportation's announcement Thursday to cut up 575 jobs and end locomotive production at its Lawrence Park plant.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey called GE's actions an insult in this statement issued Thursday morning:

“Once again, GE has turned its back on Northwestern Pennsylvania and the workers who have made its company a success. GE’s actions are insulting. Instead of supporting the workers who have made GE what it is today, its corporate executives are pursuing more cheap labor in Texas. The skilled, experienced workers in Erie have done everything that has been asked of them, only to get slapped in the face by GE over and over again. Today, I stand in solidarity with the workers and their families, who after years of hard work, deserve better than GE’s pursuit of cheap labor in Texas.”

Pennsylvania Sen. Dan Laughlin also addressed the announcement with a statement:

“I am extremely disappointed by GE Transportation’s announcement that it plans to end locomotive production at its Lawrence Park Township facility next year. It is particularly distressing that up to 575 employees could lose their jobs as part of this move. Unfortunately, the downsizing of the GE plant in the past has already prepared the community to handle – as best as we can – the human aspect of this corporate decision. The Erie Unemployment Compensation Service Center stands ready to assist the employees. My office is committed to helping these workers in any way that we can.”

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper also issued this statement regarding the plans to shift locomotive manufacturing from Erie County to Fort Worth, Texas:

“GE’s announcement came like a punch in the gut for Erie County. For decades, our residents have been proud of the world-class locomotives that have come out of the Lawrence Park Township operation.

“I am deeply concerned about how the shift of locomotive manufacturing from Erie County will impact the hundreds of workers whose jobs would be eliminated. It is important to remember that these workers and their families – our neighbors and friends – need our support. My administration is committed to ensuring that these affected workers have access to the necessary resources, should GE’s plans to shift production reach fruition.

“My administration also will continue to work with other community organizations to market our talented and capable workforce – including displaced GE workers – to attract new manufacturers to our region.

“Today’s news has been a blow to our county, yes – but don’t count us out. The Erie County that I know and love will always pick itself up from every blow and move forward with a talented workforce, an unyielding determination and a deep-rooted ingenuity that will create a brighter tomorrow.”

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