Erie contractor Llyod Davis will serve the next 10 to 20 years in prison, after tricking 40 of his customers out of nearly $500,000.

"We saved 30 years for this,” said John Scully.  “It's impacted us pretty heavy."

Scully paid Davis $10,000 to remodel his kitchen.  Scully says the work was never done.

“It's created a lot of issues in our lives, even our marital life,” said Scully.  “My wife and I, we're working on those issues.  I’ve had to go to counseling and a number of things."

Prosecutors say Davis, 60, and his company, LD Davis Construction, would accept deposits from customers to work on their homes, but he would not do the work or abandon the job and keep all of the money.

Larry Kisieleski paid Davis $17,000 to build a deck and front porch.

"Basically, it was like pulling teeth to try and get him to do what he did do," said Kisieleski.  "When he wanted more than what he was supposed to get, I said no.  I'll give you what is says in the contract, and he wasn't very happy about that at all."

Before handing down a sentence, Judge Dan Brabender asked Davis where the money went.  Davis, who has no prior record, said all of it went right back into his business.

Most of the victims who attended Davis’ sentencing didn't buy his explanation, and asked the judge to hand down a maximum sentence.

Along with 20 years of probation, Davis has also been ordered to pay full restitution to his victims.

Scully says, he won't hold his breath.

“It's gone,” said Scully.  “We will never recover the money, and we can live with that.  It's just the impact on the families afterward.”