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Local Teams Prepare for Heat Acclimatization Week

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We're only three weeks away until Friday night football games. Teams across the our region preparing for the upcoming season.  Players on the McDowell football team have been conditioning during the off-season a few times a week, to stay in shape, either in the gym or on the field doing drills.

"So we start educating the kids early on about what it means to take care of their bodies, hydration and so forth. It's just always a on-going thing, football is almost a year-round sport now-a-days," said Matt Melle, assistant football coach of McDowell.

Practices are about to pick up, starting Monday with the PIAA's Heat Acclimatization Week.  

"We put the pads on for the first time of the summer, get the opportunity to get the kids running around. We're mandated to be here five days in a row," said Melle.

Some of the players said putting on the pads helps to get accustomed ton of only the heat, but the actual season. 

"Going into camp, you're more ready, you're more prepared because you have a full week of pads going into it. A couple practices, all dressed. Starts with some contact, not so much," said Josh Harman, a senior at McDowell.

"It gradually gets you into it, we start Monday, and it just us going for the season, gets us hydrated, gets us fit to play for our first game on Friday night," said Casey Baker, a senior at McDowell. 

The McDowell football team is looking forward to next week, and for football season to kick off.

"Well it's always just exciting to get out here for that first week, put the pads on, feels a little bit more like football rather than just running around in shorts and shirts," said Baker.

The coaches also work with the players throughout the on-and-off season, to keep the guys hydrated while conditioning.

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