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Trial to Begin in Montrice Bolden Case

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The case against an Erie man, whose arrest sparked a federal investigation against the Erie Police Department, will go to trial next week.

Montrice Bolden, 42, was back in court today, for a pretrial hearing.

The hearing centered on comments that Bolden allegedly made to a police officer at the hospital, shortly after his arrest.

Bolden is facing a long list of charges, including aggravated assault and disarming a law enforcement officer.

Last June, Erie News Now was first to show you the video of his arrest outside of TJ's Traffic Jam.

Police say things got physical, after Bolden flicked a lit marijuana cigarette at them and attempted to disarm an officer.

The arrest left Bolden with several broken bones and injuries.  It also led to a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that ended in April, which found that the use of force by police was justified.

In court today, an officer who watched over Bolden at the hospital was questioned by both the prosecution and defense.

The officer said that Bolden told him, that he attempted to disarm an officer in hopes that he would be shot and that he wanted to die.

Bolden's lawyer Kevin Mincey filed a motion to suppress that statement, saying Bolden gave it without being read his Miranda rights.

Judge John Garhart ruled that Bolden said it without being asked, and ruled that the statements can be used in trial.

Jury selection is scheduled for Monday morning.

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