For years, Millcreek Township fire police have been providing traffic control for special events, such as walk-a-thons and 5k races.  They have been doing it  free of charge. That may soon end.

The main purpose of the fire police is to handle crowd control, and traffic control at the scene of an emergency. But in Millcreek, the fire police have also been working events such as walk-a-thons, parades, festivals, and high school football games. Usually the events are sponsored by non-profits, and the fire police are happy to help out free of charge.

According to Millcreek Supervisor John Groh, the number of fire police volunteers have dwindled. He says there's probably only 12 left in the township, spread among five volunteer departments. Groh says the current fire police are older men, and women, who no longer want so spend part of their weekends directing traffic.

Groh says the days of fire police working special events are all but over.  The only other authorized  persons to direct traffic at special events would be Millcreek police. Groh says the township may have to have off-duty officers handle the assignments, and the township may have to charge the non-profits who put on those special events to pay for the work.

"There is going to be a time when this is going to be a requirement.  Traffic control is going to be needed, and the people who are going to do it are going to have to be qualified to do it.  You just can't have anybody out there directing traffic," he said.

Millcreek Township recently adopted a Special Events Ordinance, which calls for groups that sponsor special events to pay a fee for services such as traffic control. However, township supervisors have not yet set the rates for those services.