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Pennsylvania Governor Meets with Erie G.E. Union Leaders

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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf became the latest elected official to meet with G.E. union workers who are facing job losses.

The Governor arrived at the U.E. 506 Union Hall Wednesday afternoon as union leaders announced they voted to enter into decision bargaining with the company to try and save the jobs.

Gov. Wolf was surrounded by other elected officials, who all showed solidarity with the union. He called on G.E. to reconsider a decision that is bad for the region and bad for Pennsylvania.

He spent more time talking about what the State Department of Labor and Industry can do to help displaced employees if the talks cannot save jobs.

Gov. Wolf said the rapid response team and local CareerLink will offer information on retraining and benefits and help workers find other jobs.

He also pledged to keep Erie on the front line of investment from the state.

The Governor also applauded the union's good faith effort to try talking again.

 "We have decided for our members their families and our community that our best course of action is to enter into decision bargaining," said Scott Slawson, President of U.E. Local 506. "We don't hold out much faith just based on GE's track record, but we will give it one more go around and hope the company will bargain with us fairly and try to save jobs in our community."

"This decision will have an adverse impact for the economy for the people of Erie and deprives General Electric of the incredible workforce they have here," said Gov. Wolf. "I'm heartened that they decided to go to decision bargaining and to ensure that they work as hard as they can to see that these workers are treated as fairly as possible."

Gov. Wolf said G.E. has not asked the state for any incentives to keep locomotive production in Pennsylvania and offers from the state have been rebuffed in the past.

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